The Exhibition

MARCH 26, 2010 - APRIL 5, 2010

As soon as I decided I wanted to tell Harry’s story, I knew that the thesis show would serve as my venue. Rather than an exhibition to show the work I had created, the exhibition was the work. I had four generous walls in FOX 3, the upper gallery of the Fox Building, to use as a canvas. I was very excited to have the space until I realized the massive potential for failure. I was concerned that by trying to utilize the space I would end up with several mediocre pieces rather than one fully formed story. I worked really hard to make sure the pieces cohered as a show visually and still maintained value individually.

The Title Wall simply introduced the audience to the name of the exhibition and the quote delivered the purpose. The Film Wall was meant to draw the viewer in and deliver the story in a simple, yet emotional way. The Medals Wall delivered more information using the medals as indexes of events. The Timeline/Map Wall allowed viewers to engage the details of Harry’s life and some of his own writings at their own pace.