The Process


Using method acting as an inspiration, I immersed myself into Harry’s life by going some of the places he went, seeing some of what he would have seen, and doing some of what he would have done. I traveled to Arizona, England, France and The Netherlands. I stood where he stood, where he lived and died. I spoke with those that knew him: his brothers in arms, and his family. I have done some of the things he did: intense physical training, camped in the mountains, and weapons training. Using method research has deepened my understanding of Harry’s story and drawn me closer to its realities.


To tell Harry’s story I explored design disciplines that are new to me such as motion graphics, and exhibit design. At the same time I further developed current skills like branding and information design. I tell Harry’s story utilizing multiple graphic formats combined into exhibition design. I use information graphics in the form of a contextualized timeline combined with geographic mapping. I use the simple and powerful presentation of plain text. I utilized motion graphics in a triple projector ultra wide film presentation. I also employ semiotic artifact imagery to convey elements of Harry’s character and life. These linear and non-linear, quick and involved formats of Harry’s story combine to give the audience a multi-faceted view of Harry’s life.


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