As youre getting started bonding your rabbits, there are some techniques you can use to help the process along. I post regular updates and videos to my Facebook page (with owner's full consent) so if your're interested to see how some of my previous bonding's have gone please feel free to have a look at Derrick's Facebook page or check out our customer reviews page to see how happy we've made a lot of lonely bunnies. If you need help getting your rabbit to bond with a new partner, we can help. If you hate the smell of vinegar (like I do), try adding 10-20 drops of your favorite essential oil to cover it up. The bonding process takes approx. Soooo whatever happened to this? We always have adorable, sometimes lonely, rescued bunnies who are looking for love. Theyll be more willing to settle down or even nap a little instead of getting up in arms about the other rabbit they are sharing a space with. In almost all cases, you have nothing to worry about. In a larger shed, it may be useful to break down the space to a smaller area using a puppy pen or NIC cubes, which I can provide you with (10 deposit refunded on safe return). Most of the time you can let them continue as long as both rabbits still seem comfortable around each other. If at all possible, you want to keep your bonded rabbits together at all times. link to How to Care for Giant Rabbit Breeds, link to 11 Reasons Your Rabbit is Scared of You, Learn more about what kind of chasing behaviors are normal during bonding, Learn more about stress bonding and how to use this technique, 10 Tips for when bonding rabbits is NOT working. If it was just nipping, they should continue negotiations. Bring them to the vet together, or out to play together. Whether you board your bunny with us or not, we strongly recommend you talk to your veterinarian about vaccinating your rabbits. It is a deadly virus with an almost 100% fatality rate for rabbits. Click on the Bunny Bonding Guide to flip through our interactive resource or download the PDF here. Understanding Bonding from the Rabbits Perspective is Your Key To Success! Our Bonding Services We are always happy to bond your spayed or neutered single bun to one of our adoptable bunnies. Some personalities just don't work together. Occasionally, it will be squeezed into a couple of hours. You dont need to worry about a bond breaking when you increase the space. During the bonding process, most likely one or both of the rabbits will begin to request grooming from each other. Above all be patient with your rabbits. Some of these behaviors might seem concerning or aggressive, but are actually fine, while others need to be prevented because they are likely to lead to injury. (As of July 2021) Please be aware that vaccine availability changes quickly. Effective December 15, 2020, all rabbits boarding at SaveABunny must be vaccinated forRHDV2at least 10 days prior to arrival. The end result will be your rabbit being much happier and your new rabbit getting a second chance for a happy and full life. However, you can find a friend for your rabbit if you take the time to plan and prepare for bonding. Bonding takes time, patience and effort; it will be up to the rabbits how much of each are necessary. After your rabbits have been bonded and living together, you might expect them to be lovey dovey all the time and live happily ever after. You want to avoid the rabbits getting frustrated and taking out that irritation on the other rabbit. It is typically the fastest way to bond rabbits, but it requires you to be with them full time for at least 1-2 weeks, bringing them with you in a carrier if you need to go anywhere out of the home. Accommodation for your newly bonded rabbits. When feeding newly bonded rabbits, its helpful to scatter their pellets in their hay or on the floor of their accommodation at first, so that you can monitor how they are at feeding time. from Small Pet Select! These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Our Bonding Support Consultation invites you to bring your rabbits to our offices, and our experienced volunteers will provide you training and advice on our preferred Bonding Support techniques, giving you the confidence to continue the bonding activities at home yourself. Be sure and take an extra carrier should they still decide to fight even when moving. Your bunny will be housed in an 2 by 6 x-pen or double condo, depending on availability, fed high quality pellets, fresh greens, and unlimited hay. Nail trim and grooming is an extra $15. You cannot immediately house two new rabbits in the same enclosure, but you still want the two rabbits to get used to the sight and scent of each other. Wear long sleeves, sturdy shoes, and thick gloves. And, we're good at it. As a neutral place, and with our experienced Special Bunny experts, we are able to work with your bunny and their new companion with a higher level of success than you may have at home. These were with larger groups of more than 4, and the reason I no longer bond groups larger than 4. What you will do is start each session with 10-15 minutes of stress bonding, then give them another 10-15 minutes to sit together without the stress, so that they can also get used to interacting with each other and comforting each other even when there is not something scary going on at that exact moment. You can either get a completely new area rug to use for the rabbit enclosure, or you can spray the flooring with the vinegar solution. Ouch!! Ready to find a friend for your bunny or adopt a pair? The two brands that I use when buying food for my rabbit areOxbowandSmall Pet Select. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. If you increase the space too quickly you risk breaking the bond. The process should always take place in a neutral territory and all rabbits involved should already be spayed or neutered. However long it takes, its important that you stay patient and avoid rushing the process. We now offer a bonding program for anyone that wants to introduce a new bunny to their existing bunny family. The bunny bonding service locations can help with all your needs. This is a big question that many people have because its not always as obvious as you might think. I cant stress enough that once bonded, the rabbits must never be split unless there is a real need to do so, such as illness where one needs special nursing care that cant be done with company present, or if there is a risk of injury or disease. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Or, you may bring food of your own choice. So far, any injuries that have occurred have been superficial and not needed veterinary attention when bonding groups of 4 or less. However, bonding rabbits is not always as straightforward as many people think. 2 Bunny bonding and medication administration are available as add-ons in a case-by-case basis. Its easier to control aggressive or anxious rabbits. They can continue to live with separate enclosures, but have supervised playtime together whenever youre available. We will never leave the rabbits unattended while together, even for a second, until we are sure they are bonded. Keep your rabbits side by side, but wait to bond them until you move to a different home. If you are bringing newly bonded rabbits home to a totally new space then the you will find it easier to maintain the growing friendship than if you are returning one of the group to their original territory. Check out our insightful instructions and videos on bonding bunnies! Choosing the opposite sex for bonding is advised as male-female bonds are a lot easier than same-sex bonds. These will be important steps that will give you a better chance of success no matter what technique you use for bonding, so dont skip the preparation and planning stage. This will give your rabbit calm feelings while they are sitting next to each other. It becomes more difficult and even dangerous to try to bond rabbits once they have bad blood between them. There are also some positive behaviors that you want to look out for to let you know the bonding is going well. Typically there is mounting, thumping and light chasing during their bonding sessions. Maybe someone on the internet told you that your rabbit will never be happy unless they are bonded. When bonding my own rabbits I found that it didnt affect their relationship with me in the slightest, I bonded strongly with Derrick and that has never changed even though he is part of a group of four now. This might be necessary if youre waiting for one of them to be spayed or neutered, or if you want to wait to start the formal bonding until you have more time and attention to devote to it. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Trios are also possible, but generally only under certain circumstances. During bonding, you will see some behaviors that you are not used to seeing. The rabbits will race through the seven stages of bonding that we describe below. In general your rabbits will continue to be happy and their friendship will grow, but, in some cases by bringing bunnies home to an existing space some unfriendly behaviour can start. Follow the Bunny Lady and her bunny partner Elusive and they seek to educate rabbit caretakers and make sure everyone is able to have a happy and healthy bunny in their home. My success rate on bonding is high, and although I will never claim to be an expert on rabbits as they are complex, mysterious and sometimes paradoxical creatures, my love and commitment to them runs deep. You may be bitten or clawed while breaking up a fight. The first child will still love their parents, but theyll have another separate relationship with the younger sibling and the family dynamics will change a little. Petfinder is a great source to find a bunny near you! 3. Place the two rabbits side by side and start petting them and giving them little massages. Youve heard that rabbits tend to be happier in pairs and groups of their own kind, so youre thinking about bringing a second rabbit home. Its better to spend more time than necessary on a stage of bonding, than to rush the rabbits and have to start over from the beginning. We have a number of bonding support services designed to help you make a success of bonding your rabbits. I would be very happy to help with bonding your rabbits. I have used a bunny bonding service in the past when adopting a new rabbit. While it is an excellent idea to find a friend for your rabbit, there is actually a lot you need to consider before making this important decision. A question Im often asked is will my rabbit change once he/she has a bonded partner. However even with new accommodation; it is not a good idea not to allow the rabbits to use the whole space immediately, but to build up over a period of a few days to a week. Wait 2-4 weeks after the surgery before attempting introductions. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. You may also be able to set up a foster to adopt agreement, where you foster rabbits and adopt one if they seem like a good match for your bunny. We take boarding reservations only via email, RIP Stuart. Twice in 5 years I have had injuries that have needed to be stitched. At all times throughout the bonding process I have your rabbit's best interests at heart and at no point do I allow them to fight, I will step straight in to prevent this, and if I think it really won't work I will let you know as soon as possible. FROM $40/day/rabbit For Medical Boarding, PM for quotation. Bringing home a rabbit to an existing rabbit. Following these instructions is crucial to the success of the bond. It can also be useful in cases where one rabbit is seriously scared of the other even if there is no serious aggression. Online loans for bail bonds. If you are introducing a male with a female rabbit, you will also prevent unwanted babies. We can offer Bonding Support Consultation services face-to-face in our offices in Kirkintilloch (G66 1QH). Our next available date for bonding rabbits is currently 20th April 2023. When bonding goes wrong it is usually down to one of two factors: Some rescues offer bunny speed dating. This should be allowed to happen provided it doesnt escalate into fighting or chasing that may be a precursor to injury. Sometimes, despite our best intentions, a rabbit bonding does not go as planned. We will then advise you as you transition the new pair to your home. It is tempting to move too quickly. If you are looking to adopt a friend for your bunny companion, SaveABunny is here to help! Much easier if you bring a girl home to a boy than if you bring a rabbit home to a girl. Many animal shelters will be able to facilitate this kind of bunny speed dating, especially those that specialize in small animals. ADOPTING A FRIEND FOR YOUR RABBIT BUNNY BONDING SERVICES. After you have some trust that they wont immediately attack each other, you can allow them to approach each other nose-to-nose on the floor, then start giving them both head scritches and massages together. If they had a bad chase or some fur was pulled, step in and place the two rabbits next to each other while you pet them. This will allow the rabbits to develop a friendship without the instinct to defend their space. Therefore I only recommend using the technique if its necessary. If this ceased before homecoming and then begins again, it may be one or other rabbit deciding to try and assert themselves, and in some cases it may be a different rabbit to the one who was boss previously. Your job in bonding is to make sure the rabbits dont hurt each other during the process. This will help to give the rabbits more and more positive experiences so that theyll be less likely to fight later on when you need to change things again. It doesnt work with rabbits who are very aggressive or anxious. We do charge a daily boarding fee for this service, so that the bunnies can bunnymoon while getting to know each other. You can adjust the technique youre using based on how your rabbits behave. As you see them interacting comfortably closer together and showing signs that they are relaxed and not on edge, then you know your rabbits are close to being bonded. A veterinarians certificate showing the vaccination date must be shown before your rabbit can enter SaveABunny premises. Positive behaviors are the ones you want to look for. Please note we are a *pet rabbit* community that discourages breeding and encourages rescue. When looking for a potential partner for your rabbit most people agree that its usually easier to bond a male and a female rabbit together, rather than rabbits of the same gender. They have an instinct to defend their territory. Professional Bunny bonding Servive Celebunnies rabbit boarding surrey A delux holiday boarding setup for rabbits, based on rabbit welfare and giving the space and care needed to ensure the health and safty of all rabbits so you can have peice of mnd and enjoy your own holiday! Where possible remove any obvious signs of marking or ownership e.g. If the bite was more serious or either of the rabbits are showing signs of stress, then both rabbits should be removed and placed back in their housing for a break after each rabbit has been thoroughly checked for injury. The exercise, of course, helps to keep the rabbits healthy, but it also prevents them from having pent up energy. Believe me in the past, before I was rabbit savvy it happened to me and it really does happen that quickly! We are volunteer-run, so we appreciate your flexibility. Finding a perfect companion for your rabbit is often thought to be a tricky experience. Sometimes no matter what we do, the two rabbits just wont get along. A Moon Bunny Representative will get back to . If you are boarding for a month and need a discounted rate, pleasecontact us. Our Bonding Support Service Options We have a number of bonding support services designed to help you make a success of bonding your rabbits. If at all possible, you want to try introducing your rabbit to a number of other rabbits so that your bunny can help to choose their own partner. PO Box 14235, Portland, OR 97293 | 503-617-1625 | Unfortunately sometimes even with the best intentions and constant supervision, injuries can occur during the bonding process. Important: This page may contain affiliate links. Some people will tell you to start with short sessions, while others will insist that its best to jump in for hours right from the start. One of the best steps you can take to help your rabbits early on in the bonding process is to start petting them when they are next to each other. They would spend every day in a large play area inside our house, and I would be in it with them all day. They would spend every day in a large play area inside our house, and I would be in it with them all day. Our Bunny Bonding service ACCOMMODATION All our luxury boarding accommodation is in excesss of the RWAF hutch standards and are designed with the comfort and safety of the rabbit as priority. exclusively for Rabbits a Bunny Boarding facility that your rabbits wont want to come home from. I help bunny parents globally to get their bunnies loved up so they can have a more peaceful life & enjoy their bunnies. The sequence that I like to use is to start small, especially if were dealing with anxious rabbits. Place the housing for the new rabbit next to or, if possible, inside of the other bunnys housing area. Bonding rabbits can be an incredibly difficult and stressful process (but not always). These were with larger groups of more than 4, and the reason I no longer bond groups larger than 4. Important: These are Affiliate links. Our nearby rescue also offers bonding services so I told the owner to just try and bond them with a rabbit that seems to fit well in the group. They tend to be more territorial, so its more difficult to convince a female to live with another rabbit. While I cant make the promise that any two rabbits can be bonded, most can learn to coexist with enough time and patience. That being said, rabbits are social animals and it is much easier for them to meet their social needs with another rabbit as a partner. Rabbits can form bonds that are so powerful that the loss of a bonded partner can leave them devastated and depressed. Rabbit Bonding Service (Minimum 15 days) Bonding Pair: $85/day, i.e. Bonding is a stressful process. What I can say though is that more often than not it's me that gets bitten! Professional Bunnybonding Servive We are Celebunnies, based in Coulsdon, Surrey, We offer indoor & outdoor luxury boarding accommodation. It is important that the rabbits are not split up UNLESS THERE IS A RISK OF INJURY, or you will be back to square one and you will need to begin the process again from scratch. Bonding We offer a bonding service if you wish to adopt a single rabbit from the rescue to pair with your own rabbit the cost of this is 5 a night for the first week and if it takes us longer, any extra nights to prove we're not pulling your leg are on an optional donation only basis :) Accommodation examples: When you adopt a companion for your rabbit from SaveABunny we encourage you to bring your rabbit to us for introductions. This reserves your spot. This will allow the rabbits to have a playmate sometimes, but it wont make you feel afraid for their safety when youre not there to watch them. It starts by forcing the rabbits into a small space so they can work things out and learn to share. It caused a lot of heartache both for myself and my poorly bun. However, the idea of bonding your pet rabbits sounds daunting and overwhelming. They may have occasional chases, or theyll nip each other when they get annoyed. It will be a stressful and potentially confusing process, both for you and the rabbits, as you figure out how to help your rabbits to coexist peacefully. Ive designed adorable bunny apparel! Many, many rabbits never have a problem, but it is worth taking care over this process as they can become food aggressive. If you're existing bun had access to the area before, you can spray or wipe down the restricted area with white vinegar to remove any residual bunny smells. Start off by giving them massages for 10-15 minutes at a time, but as they seem more comfortable with each other, you can start petting them for a shorter duration then stop to see how they respond to each other. Google Translate is an online service for which the user pays nothing to obtain a purported language translation. And, were good at it. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. However, before you can call your rabbits bonded, youll want to give them some sessions that cover their more active times of day as well. To summarise; it is really important to realise that when you bring newly bonded bunnies home, that this is just the beginning of the new relationship and that as their owner, you will need to put in the effort to help the bond to grow successfully. Serious injury can easily occur without you there to supervise their interaction. The answer to this is yes your rabbit will change, as each rabbit is different I cant foresee how they will change but they will be a lot happier! If this happens try different bonding spaces until you find one that works for your buns. Alternate who gets what housing/space regularly so that no one is able to claim one as just theirs. When it comes time to put your rabbits together and start the bonding process its very important that you set up a neutral area. Rabbits are also hierarchical by nature. Almost inevitably, you will experience setbacks along the way, making you wonder why you decided this was a good idea to begin with. However, there are other reasons that you may want to give up or at least take a break for a few months before trying again. The bonding has gone on for more that 6 months with little or no progress. A Guide to Bunny Bonding. There are many different techniques for bonding that we will go over in this article. If one rabbit is much more active than the other, it may end up causing friction in the relationship when one rabbit wants to play, but the other just wants to cuddle. The rabbits are just too aggressive with each other and refuse to get along. That fear is not completely unfounded. If you are boarding for long-term boarding for stays over 21 days we may be able to offer you a monthly discounted rate on a case-by-case basis. Visits can be made outside of these hours by prior arrangement. Not as stressful for the rabbits after the first stage. Above all be patient with your rabbits. We also provide a large range of excellent top quality Scottish Hays (8 types) and fresh and dried herbs and forage from the rescue gardens and allotments and branches to chew. We also understand the importance of security as bunnies will be bunnies and can comoprimise their own safety with instinctual behaviour LEARN MORE.. Rabbits are deeply emotional and paradoxical creatures and they crave the companionship of their own kind. The bonding process that you choose will depend on the personalities of the rabbits involved and the amount of time you have. If you are looking to adopt a friend for your bunny companion, SaveABunny is here to help! Please realize a reservation is not guaranteed until you receive confirmation from us. If I can't get my hand in my protective glove quick enough if anything kicks off, then I just get straight in there! We do not offer bonding services unless one or both of the bunnies are adopted from us, because we dont have the time or resources. When they come back the other rabbit might think they are a stranger and attack. Secure A Bail Bond Payment Plan In 3 Easy Steps. It can be done in shorter intervals of time if you work during the day. Someone on this reddit had mentioned that they had their bunnies bonded for them and I am really intrigued into what others think. At night, they would share a 6ft double hutch, having access to only half of the hutch each to prevent fighting. I so wish that I could but that just isnt possible. 1 Submit A Request. Some buns may not want/need a friend now, but might get lonely when their humans are no longer home as often. Increasing the space too quickly can lead to broken bonds and cause the process to take much longer. An older rabbit would be much happier with a companion closer in age rather than a young one that is full of energy and vice versa. How to find bunny bonding service near me Open Google Maps on your computer or APP, just type an address or name of a place . Just remember that whatever method you choose, you want to avoid the possibility of territorial aggression by making it as neutral as possible. I have 4 bunnies in total, 2 bonded pairs, who I love dearly. Usually the rabbits will be able to resolve the issue on their own in now time. Think of it like bringing a new baby into a family that previously only had one child. Then get to work cleaning everything. Some female rabbits, especially, will feel ownership of areas of the home they havent ever been to; they just know its close to their territory. Although the rabbit being mounted may seem to be laid back and placid it only takes one bite in the wrong place! Adopting a second bunny without going through a dating/bonding process is risky because many bunnies do not get along and may never get along. Boarding drop off and pick up times are between 9am-1pm. A neutral space is a place that neither rabbit will consider to be their own territory. 2023 - Special Bunny. While you dont want to use this tip too often because too many treats are not good for a rabbits digestion, its a good trick to use if the two rabbits seem to be getting along and just need a little extra nudge. At night, they would share a 6ft double hutch, having access to only half of the hutch each to prevent fighting. Like humans, rabbits can have many individual relationships. If you want to successfully bond two rabbits, youll need to make some preparations and do some planning. If the kitchen isnt working, try a pen in the living room. Ideally I'd like to say I've never had any injuries, but that would be dishonest and misleading and I prefer to be honest and open with you. You may even find that your rabbit is more friendly and outgoing once bonded with a companion. The bond likely wont break after the rabbits are in the larger area. Even after youve befriended a rabbit, something can be a little bit off and My name is Amy and I am the Bunny Lady! Rabbits are social animals that benefit from living in pairs or groups. Unfortunately sometimes even with the best intentions and constant supervision, injuries can occur during the bonding process. Rabbits are very territorial animals. This also helps the rabbits to become use to the other rabbits scent. After their initial bonding stay at SaveABunny, you will be sent home with explicit instructions for how to continue the bonding process when you return home with your rabbits. Instead of putting rabbits in a miniscule area to start, you let the rabbits roam an area thats as large as you can control (so you can still break up any potential fights). Stress bonding is, as the name suggests, stressful for the rabbits involved. They do offer consultations and online sessions to help people with at home bonding. I'm worried to try and bond them all together, since I don't want anyone to get hurt, but I would love for them all to be together and not concerned when they hear one another from across the room (I have blankets covering their x-pen bars to help them feel safer). We only try bondings between bunnies of the opposite sex, and only between a pair of bunnies (never a trio or more). They act as nose guards while also giving your rabbits a chance to interact with each other. Before getting started, you want to make sure all rabbits involved have been spayed or neutered. They tend to be more territorial so you may want to give them more time together to solidify their bond before the move-in. Just like humans, rabbits need to choose their own friends. Included in the price (250 for two rabbits, 350 for three rabbits and 450 for four), is pre-bonding advice and going home instructions with COMPLETE, FOLLOW UP SUPPORT to help them settle in at home as a new couple! You can choose whichever technique you want to get started, but if the bonding is not working, try moving to a different technique and see how it goes. I am more than happy to keep you updated via WhatsApp and send videos/pictures by email on your rabbit's progress throughout the bonding process. Please do not be tempted to rush things and give too much freedom too quickly; ignoring the small space rule because your bunnies seem to be firm friends has been the undoing of many bonded rabbits. A: Rabbits recieve full health assessments, behavioural analysis and grooming (clipping, nail trimming etc) before and throughout bonding. Alternatively you can arrange to take one of our rabbits for a short term trial in the home, as long as you have the right facilities, space and experience to manage the bonding process yourself. I recommend spraying the complete area with a solution of 50/50 distilled white vinegar and water (once it dries the vinegar smell disappears!). You should be able to determine from the behaviour shown if you need to take it really slowly or if the rabbits are firm friends right from the outset. It is very important to try to end every session on a high note. To prevent them from biting each others noses (which can happen), I recommend getting these mesh storage cubes. Thats likely something that will happen with time, but as long as they are not going to attack each other and there are no serious chases, the rabbits are bonded and they can move-in together. If the rabbits are very aggressive with each other, stress bonding will usually help them to calm down and tolerate each other even after the fact. Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus-2 has been spreading worldwide and has now reached California. Initial consultation is $125 on-site for 1 hour, then $65 per hour after, up to 5 hours, if needed. Contact a location near you for products or services. Our insulated and heated equipment ensures we can keep both indoor and outdoor rabbits comfortable during their stay. It is very rare that two bunnies will meet and get along perfectly.
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